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De Amuletis

De Amuletis

Exercitatio, de amuletis, aeneis figuris illustrata.

Julius Reichelt was born on 8 June 1637 in the city of Strasbourg in France. He died on 19 February 1719. Reichelt was an Astronomer and a Professor of mathematics at the University of Strasbourg. He was also the initiator of a Specula Astronomica (astronomical observatory), which will be the first of the three observatories within the city of Strasbourg.

Reichelt entered at the University of Strasbourg on 16 October 1644. In 1660, he graduated a doctorate in Philosophy, then he was appointed Professor of mathematics in 1667 and was also probably a former student of Helvetius.

Julius Reichelt was a passionate collector of Talismans and Amulets. The copper-engraved figures in the original work represent dozens of Amulets that he probably gleaned during his different travels. In his book, Reichelt explains symbolism and magical properties, based upon his knowledge from cabal and astrology.

Reichelt's book details eight plates, illustrated with numerous Talismanic figures, engraved on copper, in full page. Illustrations include Latin terms, as well as Greek and Hebrew. PICTURE BOOK.Notes in French.

De Amuletis

Publisher: Editions du Monolithe | Collection: Magia Salomonis | Author: Julius Reichelt | Pages: 20 | Format: A4 (21 × 29,7 cm)  | Illustrations: Color | Stapled 2 points | Print: 2nd limited edition 2021 - 100 copy.
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