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Liber Armadel

Liber Armadel

Grimorium, seu totius secretorius cabalae perfectissima brevissima et infallibilis scientia tam speculativa, quam practica Armadel.

The grimoire of Armadel or the most perfect secret Cabala, the shortest and most infallible science, as well Speculative, as practiced by Armadel.

The Arsenal Library from Paris assumes that it was written around January 1701. The English occultist - Samuel Liddel McGregor Mathers († 1854-1918) made a similar translation from a copy (Ms Arsenal Ms 2494), which is also held in the Arsenal Library. This edition has been realised from 2 different manuscripts (Ms 826 + Ms 2494). A complete Latin text translation is included. This new edition opens new perspectives from the original manuscript text. The seven Archangels seals has been corrected and recomposed.

Complete english text translation from Ms Arsenal 826.

Addendum: - Oratio - Dismissio - Initium operationis genii Urielis Seraphim - Benedictio Aquae - Benedictio Salis - Jonctio Salis and Aquae - 1st Minor Conjuration. - 2nd Minor Conjuration...

Book ends with a complete Addendum on Oniromancy: Alius modus operandi ad operationem Urielis Seraphim | To get answser from Angel Uriel. I & II | The License | Divination from Uriel's words.

Liber Armadel

Publisher: Editions du Monolithe | Collection: Magia Salomonis | Author: Magister Omega | Contributor(s): Asterion, Steven L. Adams | Pages: 329 | Format: A5 (14.8 × 21 cm) | Paperback | Illustrations: Color + B&W | Complete text translation + Fac-Simile | Print: 1st limited edition 2019 - 50 copy.
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