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Liber Armadel

Liber Armadel

Grimorium, seu totius secretorius cabalae perfectissima brevissima
et infallibilis scientia tam speculativa, quam practica Armadel.

The grimoire of Armadel or the most perfect secret cabala, the shortest and most infallible science, as well Speculative, as practiced by Armadel.

The Arsenal library assumes that Ms 826 has been written around January 1701, although the mention of July 1877 is visible on the very first pages of the manuscript. The English occultist - Samuel Liddel McGregor Mathers († 1854-1918) made a similar translation of the text (from Arsenal Ms 2494), which has also been preserved in the Arsenal Library. The text is ascribed to the mysterious 'Armadel'..

Several MSs mention 'Armadel' in their respective titles, such as: The True Clavicles of King Solomon, by Armadel (Ms Lansdowne 1202). The Grimoire d'Armadel is also very often confused with the Almadel of Solomon, or even with the Arbatel of Magic. Although the (presumed) author (alias Armadel) remains unknown, he seems to have compiled this Ms, from several other books of magic... It also contains elements that may have been a source (and the origin) for french another occult manuscript titled 'Ms. Arsenal 2344 - Operation of the Seven Spirits of the Planets'.

This critical edition is the result of numerous comparisons and corrections made from different manuscripts relating to the Armadel text. A long chapter ends the book. This chapter is entirely devoted to Uriel's invocation ritual and about Divination (Oniromancy).

The Liber Armadel presented in a new and complete translated version. (Complete translation of the Latin text). Indeed, this critical edition presents a whole new look at the very essence of the original text of the manuscript; according to this new Latin translation.

New elements are included in this book - Comparison of original texts from two manuscripts written in Old French, and elating to the Liber Armadel - The 7 Seals of the 7 Archangels has been corrected and clearly redrawn.

Addendum : - Oratio - Dismissio - Initium operationis genii Urielis Seraphim - Benedictio Aquae - Benedictio Salis - Jonctio Salis and Aquae - 1st Minor Conjuration. - 2nd Minor Conjuration...

The book ends with a complete 'Addendum' on Oniromancy: - Alius modus operandi ad operationem Urielis Seraphim - To get answser from Angel Uriel. I & II - Other Conjuration for the same. - The License. - Divination from Uriel's words. (From the French Grimorium Verum).


| Publisher: Editions du Monolithe | Collection: Magia Salomonis | Author: Magister Omega | Contributor(s): Asterion, Steven L. Adams | Pages: 329 | Format: A5 (14.8 × 21 cm) | Publication: 1st English Edition 2019 | Paperback | Illustrations: Color + B&W | Color Fac-Simile incl. | Critical Edition | Print: 1st English Edition - Limited 50 copies |
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