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Magia Ordinis - The Magic of the Order

Magia Ordinis - The Magic of the Order


Nobili Johannes Kornreutheri, ordinis S. Augustini prioris
Magia ordinis artium et scientiarum abstrusarum
Anno 1515 post partum Mariae.

The Magia Ordinis is attributed to Johannes Kornritter, an Augustinian Prior. It is part of a series of works that began to appear in Germany in the early XVIIIth century and were often ascribed to authoritative ecclesiastical figures, such as the Jesuit Josef Anton Herpentil, the Augustinian Johannes Kornritter, or the renowned Dr. Johannes Faust.


The Modus Operandi is strongly inspired by Solomonic magic, although it is also inspired by the Faustian christian Cabala. It includes use of the magic wand, as well as the Seal of the Spirit, which the magus shall heat over the flame, when the spirit refuses to manifest. The text deals about 5 ancient spirits invocations, of their respective Seals, of their conjuration but also about the way to draw the circle..

The text's content is close to the work attributed to Josef Anton Herpentil, entitled Liber Spirituum Potentis, (which also mentions the use of a mitre and scapular) or the Libellus Veneri Nigro Sacer, attributed to John Dee. We can distinguish 4 different languages within the text, like Latin, Hebrew, German and a fourth, more obscure language.


| Publisher: Editions du Monolithe | Collection: Bibliotheca Faustiana | Author: Magister Omega | Pages: - | Format: A5 Booklet (14.8 × 21 cm) | Publication: 1st English Edition 2020 | Illustrations: Color + B&W | Complete Color Fac-Similé included | Binding: Paperback | Print: 1st English Edition - Limited 50 copies |
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