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Magia Ordinis

Magia Ordinis


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Nobili Johannes Kornreutheri, ordinis S. Augustini prioris  Magia ordinis artium et scientiarum abstrusarum. Anno 1515 post partum Mariae.

The Magia Ordinis is attributed to Johannes Kornritter, an Augustinian prior. It is one of a series of texts that first appeared in Germany in the early 18th century and were frequently attributed to authoritative ecclesiastical figures such as the Jesuit Josef Anton Herpentil, the Augustinian Johannes Kornritter and the renowned Doctor Johannes Faust.

The content of Magia Ordinis is similar to other manuscripts: the Liber Spirituum Potentis (attributed to Josef Anton Herpentil), the Libellus Veneri Nigro Sacer (attributed to John Dee) and the Inbegriff der Übernatürlichen Magie (also attributed to Johannes Kornreuther). The entire text of the manuscript is beautifully illustrated, through richly executed coloured calligraphy. Complete english text translation from the original manuscript.

The text reveals a treatise about practical necromancy. The manuscript's author reveals the instructions and recommendations for evoking different spirits, as well as theiar respective invocations and magical seal. Complete anastatic reprint of the original facsimile.

The Modus Operandi is strongly inspired by the Solomonic magic, although it is also inspired by the Christian Faustian cabala. Throughout the pages, a large number of instructions are given concerning the making of the magical tools and the ritual method for conjuring each of the five spirits mentioned in the text, as well as the way to create the circle. Four different languages can be distinguished, such as Latin, Hebrew, German and a fourth, more obscure language.

Magia Ordinis


TABLE OF CONTENTS: Introduction notes | 06 | Translation | 12 | Facsimile | 46 | Comparisons of the Spirits Seals | 78 | Sources | 84 |


Author Johannes Kornritter
Translator Magister Omega
Illustrator Yosh Spiderdust
Contributor(s) -
Format A5 (14.8 × 21 cm)
Binding Paperback
Pages 72
Fac-simile ✔️
Addendum ✔️
Illustrations Color
Publication 2021
Printing 1st limited edition
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